She is pretty right? Well she was pretty although I didn't know about her before she died, but from the research I have done which is not much she was a singer LADIES code if u have heard about (I have but I never really got a chance to listen to them). Well today at 1 something AM eunb passed away "during a car accident" all the other "6 member we in there but she was the only one who passed away plus the driver" " the rest of the members were rushed to the hospital because they were injured" I hope their okay "the accident accrued because of the slippery road ( the rain)" Eunb was 22, May she rest in peace This year have not been a good year for South Korea, Let's just say it have not been a good year at all, because a lot of people have been dying not just South Korea. I hope her family get through this, although I know it's hard but we all gonna go through the same thing, just in different time. I hope next year we have a better year than this (please God 🙏☝️)

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