Applications and Types of Smoke Sensors

Nowadays, smoke alarm sensors are installed in moving cars, trains, airplanes and other vehicles. If smoke sensors detect the presence of smoke in a moving car or train, it will send an alarm signal to the driver's cab, and the control system will automatically slow down the train or even stop it.

Choose smoke sensor

Networked smoke alarms using photoelectric or ionization smoke sensors work stably and reliably, and their performance is far superior to that of gas-sensitive resistor-based fire alarms. Networked smoke alarms can be used to make timely alarms for all kinds of early fire smoke, the product is compact, and can be combined with wireless transmission and fire smoke sensors organically. Networked smoke alarm is mainly used in hotels, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, hostels, factories, oilfield well teams, activity rooms and other public places. When the smoke in the air is detected to reach a certain concentration, an alarm signal is immediately issued to effectively prevent fires and avoid the loss of life and property loss.

Network smoke alarm can be used alone, in use first in the ceiling of the hall room to be monitored fixed its installation base, this alarm is connected to the battery inside, and then it will be screwed into the installation base. Working state, once the detection of the smoke concentration and duration of the space to prevent the alarm value, the buzzer immediately sounded the alarm. Network smoke alarm with wireless burglar alarm system, installation and use of the same as when used alone.

Network smoke alarm alarm, but also at the same time to transmit a wireless signal to the wireless burglar alarm host, the alarm host either in the state of arming or disarming will make an alarm response. This use, a wider range of alarms, no one at home when the fire alarm can also be timely, so that the first time to respond.

Smoke sensor in the application of automatic fire alarm system in hotels

The hotel is a place for domestic and foreign travelers to stay, dine and hold various meetings and banquets. Modern hotels generally have multi-functional and comprehensive features, integrating catering, accommodation, entertainment and shopping, which can easily cause fire. The automatic fire alarm system plays an important role in early detection of fire and early extinguishing of fire to minimize the casualties, economic losses and adverse social impacts caused by fire.

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