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A solid gold ring set with pear-shaped sapphires and diamonds was auctioned off in the Parisian neighborhood of Aucena in 2013 and sold for £660,000 (about RMB 6.23 million), which was 50 times the initial estimate. Why did this gold ring, which only had two stones totaling less than one carat, become so popular and valuable? Let's travel back in time and learn about the ring's earlier aspirations.

Napoleon Bonaparte, the celebrated emperor of France and a prominent figure in European history, wore this ring.

In 1796, Josephine Beauharnais, Empire's first wife, received a marriage proposal.

Napoleon's true love, Josephine, had such a strong hold on his heart that he professed his love for her innumerable times through letters and gifts of priceless gems.

At the age of 16, Josephine wed French aristocrat Alexander, her brother-in-law. Unluckily, the Jacobins guillotined her husband, leaving Josephine and two kids behind. Napoleon, who having won a war, had a bright future ahead of him as the commander of the French internal defense forces until he met Josephine. Josephine first learned about this young, aspirational cop via others, and she was immediately struck by his principles and drive.

She started to approach Napoleon by citing her son as a justification. She urged her son to ask Napoleon, who was then in charge of the internal defense forces, to return the artifacts his father had left behind, and out of sympathy and goodwill, Napoleon consented. After that, Josephine visited Napoleon at home to express her gratitude. Napoleon and Josephine's love affair began with their initial meeting. At the age of 27, Napoleon proposed to Josephine, who was six years older than him, with the "You and I" ring because he was so drawn to this attractive, gifted, and honorable woman. The formidable Austrian army was defeated by Napoleon's poorly trained, disorganized, and under-equipped French army two days after the wedding, shocking everyone.

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