Making Cakes Healthier...

"Impossible!", I hear you say. Actually it's not impossible. Baking doesn't have to bad for you and healthy cake recipes don't have to taste bad either. Remember that when you first start substituting things in recipes, the flavour and texture of the end product may change slightly; keep an open mind, accept the change and soon you'll be reaping the health benefits. 1. Swap butter for low-fat spread As long as the spread you use is suitable for baking, it's a straight swap (no need to adjust measurements). I originally didn't like spread but now I can't bake without it and cakes made with butter are just too rich for me. Cakes will taste lighter and the amount of saturated fat in the cake will drop substantially: Win-Win. 2. Use wholegrain flour instead of white The texture will be much denser but your body will thank you for it. This was a change that I loved from the get-go. My cakes took on a slightly nutty flavour and became much more filling. I also found that I was feeling fuller for no more polishing off the whole cake in one sitting!! 3. Use fruit and veg in your cakes Yup - fruit and veg can add fibre and sweetness so you don't need to add as much sugar later. Plus, fruit is a great way to keep your baking moist. While I personally can't really accept using veg (excepts carrots in carrot cake obviously!), I've started using a lot more berries in my baking. Do you have any tips for making your baking healthier?

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