Highest paying jobs without a degree or experience in Australia

highest paying jobs

Senior nursing worker


A hacker with me

construction manager


maintenance manager

Real estate manager

train driver

Elevator installers

Computer game testers.

The list of the top 5 high paying jobs without a degree or experience

police officers

Installs elevators and repairs

Power plant operator

Security work

Flight attendance

1. Police officers

Estimated salary:

This is one of the higher paying jobs that doesn't require any education or experience. They are responsible for protecting lives, fighting crimes, this job is especially for someone who has the passion to be a law enforcement officer not for everyone. All you need is advanced training before you can be badged to become a full member.

2. Installs and repairs elevators

Estimated salary:

the highest paying jobs

All you need to do is go get training on how to install an elevator and then you have the opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity to install and repair the elevator.

3. Power plant operator

Estimated salary:

It's a great job to do, it pays even without education or experience, although you have to go through some training to be ready for the job. Your job is to control several systems that generate and allocate electrical energy. You can also advance your knowledge by studying engineering courses related to this field.

4. Security work

Estimated salary:

It's also one of the best high-paying jobs that doesn't require a degree or experience. Your job is to take care of the safety of the environment where you work and take some security measures.

5. Flight attendants

Estimated salary:

This great job is available in airlines. Your job is to respond to a customer's requests and make sure everything is in order. It's not a stressful job but still pays a higher amount of money, you can do great in this job without a degree or experience.

A list of some of the highest paying jobs without a degree or experience for women

For women, there are definitely high-paying jobs you can get without any experience or a degree. The jobs listed below are some of the jobs you can try:

Sales Representative

Make-up artist

The Secretary

Child care workers

Academic teacher

Digital librarian

Medical technician



Dental care assistant

Some of the courses listed above may require a certain skill. To gain these skills of work, you can take some web-based courses from the comfort of your home.

How to find some high paying jobs with no degree or experience near you

Below is a list to guide you on how to find some of the highest paying jobs you can do with no previous experience or degree. Check it out below:

Use job search platforms

Contact the organization or companies directly

Use your social media

Go to the website of a job company

Ask your friends for referrals.

Following the above information on how to get a good paying job, you should be able to get yourself a sustainable job that pays you well.


I hope this article will help you a lot by directing you to the right path to follow in others to get a high paying job without a degree or experience.

Fortunately, these days you can't count on getting a diploma or degree before getting yourself a good job. You can also check the US Bureau of Labor Statistics to check employment and wage statistics for some of these jobs.


Therefore, it is excellent if you are going for an associate degree or certificate courses.

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