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In the 19th century, the most popular art style in the West was Orientalism, from Europe all the way to the United States, artists were fond of oriental elements as the theme of the creative trend called Orientalism, in this period, artists and designers were very fond of the cultural symbols and aesthetic trends of the Middle East and East Asia, in the fashion industry, led by the famous Paul Poiret, and in In jewelry design, it was Paulding Farnham, the designer who shot to fame at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1889.

Influenced by his teacher Edward C Moore, Paulding Farnham was very fond of exoticism and was particularly fascinated by the East Asian culture of countries such as China and Japan, and at the 1889 Universal Exhibition in Paris he presented a brooch of 24 simulated orchids - orchids in bloom wrapped in special enamel and inlaid with gold. The orchids were wrapped in special enamel and inlaid with gold, silver and precious stones, allowing the elegance of the orchids to congeal at the most brilliant moment of their lives.


Impressionism and Abstraction

Louis Comfort Tiffany

A young man with the heart and talent of an artist who could have had a "happy rich kid's life", while studying painting in Paris, he was so impressed by the stained glass of Notre Dame that he became obsessed with glass painting designs.

At the same time, he also designed a lot of glass lampshades, using the refraction of light to show the thousands of changes in glass painting, which has now become a rare masterpiece for collectors. Before his death, he donated many of his works to museums, so that more people can have the opportunity to appreciate the charm of Louis' art.

Nature was always an inexhaustible source of inspiration, and Louis applied his past artistic experience to jewelry design, mixing inlaid glass, mosaic inlay, enamel, bronze and ceramics in jewelry design; he also invented the unique spiral texture and multi-faceted diamond cutting process, making the diamond more brilliant.

Throughout his life, Louis admired the Art Nouveau style, especially the asymmetrical, wavy and flowing curves distilled from flower stalks, buds, vines and insect wings, which have since been engraved into Tiffany's brand style - clean and clear lines that unite the beauty of harmony and nature.

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