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Security Services in Bangalore

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Handiman offers security management of multiple segments associated with medium to large, private to public premises. Our integrated facility management services offer reliable and robust property management services. We have a well-established network, and the services, we provide for your safety are the best in their class.

Physical guarding officers, armed guards, personal protection officers, and electronic surveillance services are all part of our Security Services. Our security personnel is highly-trained to meet the desired expectation and add value in the market due to their flexibility, quick reflexes, trustworthiness, and preparedness.

Our trained and experienced guards will keep your property safe. Our security personnel is trained to meet all of the unique needs of the area/premises. Our presence is also in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana & Maharastra.

Our security guards also provide security services for events, transportation of people or assets, and monitoring criminal activities. Believe us, Handiman helps you secure you and your premises from any hindrance.

Handiman provides reliable and skilled security staff to improve your overall safety and protection. We provide guards who are highly dedicated, motivated, and customer-centric. We guarantee a fast security breach to keep your property safeguarded from criminal activities day and night.

We guarantee that our security staff is dedicated, integrated, and adheres to moral values. Our comprehensive services ensure that our clients feel more secure about their Assets, Facilities, Life, Employees, loved ones, and other things. Handiman knows what is best for your security and safety, and our processes can attest that our service reliability remains among the best in the industry. By this, we mean that we have a stringent safety range to scan our methods to confirm what is best for your facility or premises.

Our security team is a group of intelligent professionals who can meet all of your security and safety requirements while also accepting any challenges that come their way.

Reasons why Handiman should be your first option for security services:

All our guards get recruited after detailed background screening and police verification.

They are thoroughly trained before being deployed to the client's location.

We use those that are a perfect fit for our client's requirements.

We hire smart, alert people to look after your property.

Our security guards are skilled communicators.

Our company ensures that all of our security guards are properly licensed.

Our company ensures that all of our security guards have prior experience and success in security management.

We provide our clients with a transparent background checklist, before the deployment of each staff.

Why Choose Us?

ISO-9001:2015 Certified Company

More than two decades of experience

Well-trained & experienced security guards

Regular supervision of the security guards by managers

Usage of tools and technology in use

100s of happy customers

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