Housekeeping Services in Bangalore

Housekeeping Services in Bangalorefacilities Housekeeping services

A well-organized premise is part of a well-organized life. We are here to make your place a better place and a delightful experience for anybody who enters. Handiman, a facilities management and maintenance firm based in Bangalore, was founded by enthusiastic brains with extensive experience in the sector of housekeeping services. We are a one-stop shop for housekeeping and cleaning services for large and small residential and corporate sectors.

Our housekeeping personnel provides high-quality services to ensure that your home, industrial, or commercial environment is free of germs and allergens. Invest in our Housekeeping Services to acquire a beautiful and clean look for your facilities. When you need us, our housekeeping staff is thoroughly trained and experienced. They provide flawless and expert cleaning to maintain your area clean while not causing any harm to your equipment.

Our objective is to meet all of your needs by offering quality services and maintaining a healthy and long-term relationship. We take care of your property so you can focus on your work. We offer a variety of housekeeping services, such as:

Home Sanitization

The targeted area will be exposed to the disinfectant for an hour.

Deep Cleaning at Home

Deep cleaning of the bathroom floor and wall tiles

Descaling the water taps, cleaning the bathtub/shower cubicle, and cleaning the toilet seat

Cleaning of all bathroom fittings, exhaust fans, and geyser

Kitchen Cleaning

Remove stains, sterilize and disinfect the house using eco-friendly chemicals.

Scrubbing the floors, vacuuming, scrubbing the tiled walls, descaling the taps, dusting and wiping the counters and cupboards, and cleaning the chimneys and exhaust fans

Bathroom Cleaning

Scrubbing the floor and wall tiles, descaling the water taps, and cleaning the WC seat, bathtub, and shower cubicle.

Stain removal, sanitization, and disinfection

Carpet & Couch Cleaning

Dry and wet vacuuming of the sofa & carpet

sofa sheet shampooing

Upholstery Cleaning

Parking Area Washing

Brooming, cleaning, and mopping

Stain removal and sanitization

Rooftop cleaning

Terrace and rooftop cleaning

Window and lift cleaning

Daily window glass cleaning

Cleaning of the elevator lobby and the veranda

Floor scrubbing and polishing

Cleaning and scouring the floor Stain removal

Wet and dry cleaning

Tank cleaning

Regular maintenance of the above tank and the subsurface sump.

Regular washing and disinfection


As your facilities management and maintenance firm, we work with people who look after your property. Handiman services include thorough cleaning, sanitizing, basic cleaning, and other tasks that assist make the workplace or residence a more pleasant place to work or live. By putting your trust in us, the best housekeeping service provider, you will have peace of mind knowing that your investment is in excellent hands.

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