Spray Tan Care and Preparation Tips

Spray tan care and preparation tips

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Shave and Exfoliate Your Skin Prior To Your Tan?

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Do Not Shower Right Before Your Session

Showering on the same day is okaybut make sure you shower at least four hours prior to your appointment. The pores of your skin are increased following a hot shower or bath, and the tanning solution will get into your pores, causing dark spots.

Remove Your Makeup Just Before You Spray Tan

you intend to tan your face too

Do Not Use The Deodorant or Moisturizer Too

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You Should Wait For At Least Six to 8 Hours Before Showering

When you've washed you'll be able to see that the water appears like it's muddy. This is the cosmetic bronzing solution that is used to create the tan. This lets the technician know which areas they're spraying. Don't remove or shave your hair prior to the first bath. Make sure to use body wash only to gently cleanse your skin and allow the water to flow until it is clear.

Quick Tip: After you've washed and washed, you're usually able to go to bed with no worries about the sheets getting stained. But, each spray tanning method is different, so consult with your expert to find out what you can comfortably sleep into your bed without staining your PJs or your bed.

Apply a Moisturizer Every Day After Spray Tanning

a daily moisturizer to maintain your tone

Source: https://beautyfiko.com/posts/spray-tan-care-and-preparation-tips

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