4 Simple Steps to Pass the CLAT Exam

Do you have any idea about the CLAT Exam? If not, then it is the entrance test for the candidates who want to pursue higher studies law. It is the toughest test in India for students and it requires lots of hard work.

But don’t worry as I have made a list of simple steps for you to pass the CLAT exam.

1. Practice hard

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I have read the whole book of CLAT syllabus but I still need to revise myself on it. The only way to prepare you is by practicing.

2. Understand the pattern

CLAT exam is a multiple choice question based test. The questions are not given randomly, they are written in a particular pattern. It is recommended to understand the pattern and follow it while solving the questions.

3. Take mock tests

Once you have prepared yourself for the exam then you should take some mock tests. Mock tests are the real test papers which are filled with the exact questions and answers. So, you need to solve the same type of questions in the same order as in the real exam.

4. Plan your strategy

After you have mastered all the above three points then you should plan your strategy. There are certain topics that are more common in the exam than others. So, you need to know the common topics and the important ones.


I hope you like this post. It is very important to follow all these tips to pass the CLAT exam. You can download the study material of CLAT from the official website and follow the steps.

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