Types of Underground Utility Locating Methods

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Today, there are various types of underground and cable locators that have existed since their first invention. When choosing an underground locator that will do the right job, knowing the different technologies and the various locating methods will make it easier. They include:

1. Direct Connection

One of the most common and accurate underground utility location methods is the direct connection method. Here, the underground locator works by applying electromagnetic radio frequencies to the underground utility line. The locator’s transmitter is connected directly to the access point of the utility line.

After you connect the primary part of the transmitter to the target point, the next step is to connect the second part of the transmitter to the ground. Finally, the transmitter is adjusted to meet the frequency of the utility line. The receiver also has the same frequency as the transmitter so it will be easy to identify the active utility line.

2. Signal Clamping

The signal clamping method can also produce accurate results, but the difference is that this method does not require electrical contact with the utility line. This method makes use of a split magnetic clamp that connects the transmitter to the utility line. It allows the signal from the transmitter to flow through the coil and to the target utility line, adjusting it to have the same frequency as the transmitter.

underground locators in Colorado springs

3. Induction

When it is difficult to access the underground beyond its surface point, you can make use of the induction method for active location. This method is a quick way to apply active signals on underground utility lines, especially because it does not require physical connections. In this method, the locator in the ground produces a magnetic field to locate and detect unknown or abandoned utility lines. However, it is not the best option because it can detect other buried utilities in the area, causing inaccurate utility identification.


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