In order to provide home health care in  London and UK area, we are seeking for nursing assistant, support worker, or caretaker.

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To fill care roles in North Somerset and our other service regions, Praise Healthcare is always looking for new hires. Our working hours are flexible and can be made to suit you specifically. We work hard to place you in jobs that are fulfilling and diversified.

Contact Praise Healthcare if you pride yourself on being a hard worker and the best at what you do. We are hiring for a variety of professions, including live-in caregivers, nurses, and support staff. You will be able to actively build your career in a welcoming setting within a developing industry thanks to the breadth of our prospects.

Why should you to join us?

The benefits and reasons to collaborate with us are listed below.

1. We pay at exceptional rates.

2. You can accept as little or as much work as you choose because we can provide an infinite number of shifts.

3. We'll make sure that you have the enthusiastic and supportive support of our dedicated management staff.

4. To accommodate your demands, we provide various shift arrangements and working hours, including night shifts and part-time jobs.

5. There will be lots of chances for you to advance in rewarding and interesting professions.

6. We can provide temporary placements for extended or short periods of time, depending on your needs.

7. and more

Our mission is to offer nursing, support, and care services that are compassionate, secure, and that contribute to everyone living healthier lives.

As a direct recruiting company in the UK, we provide full help at every level of the procedure and will promptly put you in the right direction.

A conducive and suitable work can be found with us for those looking to pursue a nursing career in the UK, which boasts the most advanced healthcare sector in the world. You'll be astounded to find that every year, thousands of nurses are hired. Therefore, employers in the UK's healthcare industry are seeking candidates with the ability to maintain composure under pressure, sympathy, and strong and amiable communication skills.

You need a recruitment partner who is familiar with your industry when looking for nursing jobs in the UK. Praise Health Care is that partner As a leading nursing, support worker and carer recruitment agency across North Somerset and our other service areas, Praise health care is that partner.
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