Learn the refund options of Jetstar flight ticket!

Jetstar understands every problem of the passengers and therefore allows you avail the refund after canceling the flight. You can apply for a refund online once you cancel the flight respectively. Therefore, customers ask how to get refund from Jetstar and cancel the ticket. To cancel the ticket online, you need to follow the below steps:

* First, you are required to open the Jetstar airline official website on your device. 

Then, you need to tap on manage booking given under the menu section.

* Therefore to find the booking, you need to enter the booking reference number and email address of the passenger's surname. 

* You need to tap on the retrieve booking option to get the details.

* You need to select the flight you want to get the refund and tap on the cancel flight button from the given options.

* With this, you will head towards the cancellation page, and you need to review the booking and final amount for the refund.

* At last, you need to tap on confirm button to complete the process and cancel the flight.

* Once you receive the confirmation message in your mail, you need to fill the refund form available at manage booking. 

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