safe system approach

The various layers of safety for drivers begin with high-quality driver instruction, which lowers the likelihood of an accident occurring in the first place. A safe system approach takes into account not just ordinary human errors, but also human weaknesses in the system.

safe system approach


safe system approach

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) provides concepts that serve as the basis for the safe system approach.

Prioritizing the abolition of traffic accidents that result in death or severe injury.

Recognizing that people make errors that contribute to collisions, but building a transportation system that takes this into account and decreases the likelihood of death and severe injury in the event of a crash.

Recognizing the vulnerability of people and the need of designing and operating a human-centric transportation system that accommodates physical human infirmities.

All parties, including government, commercial sector, non-profits, academics, and the general public, must share responsibilities.

Rather of reacting to events after they occur, take a proactive attitude.

Making redundancy a part of the system so that if one component fails, the others continue to safeguard people

The main aim is the same as Vision Zero: to eliminate traffic accidents and severe injuries caused by them. The safe systems approach is based on the premise that the system should allow for frequent human errors that are difficult to eradicate while also attempting to avoid such mistakes from resulting in catastrophic damage or death.

According to the DOT, "the zero fatalities vision recognizes that even one fatality in our transportation system is unacceptable and focuses on safe mobility for all road users."


safe system approach

Safer People: Promote safe, responsible driving behavior and emphasize the establishment of circumstances that increase the likelihood of arriving at their destination unhurt.

Safer Roads: Create highways that allow for human errors and harm tolerances. In this respect, fleet operators must take a stand and work with state and federal politicians to strengthen our nation's transportation infrastructure.

Vehicle Safety: Increase the availability of technologies and features that help avoid collisions and reduce the effect of crashes on occupants and non-occupants.

Safer Speeds: Encourage slower speeds on all roadways.

Post-Accident Treatment: Improve crash survival by providing "immediate access" to emergency medical care.

safe system approach


driving with texting

Cellphone conversation

Attempting to eat or drink


Driving when drowsy

Turning to chat with another passenger in the vehicle

Getting engrossed in the operation of a car equipment, such as the air conditioning, radio, or navigation system

Putting on lipstick or makeup or shaving

Daydreaming or allowing your thoughts to roam

Essentially, anything that diverts a driver's attention away from the road for even a few seconds might be the difference between successfully avoiding a collision and being involved in one.

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