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Each day, we better our deliveries than the previous ones. Our solutions are customized with stringent process compliances in place. It helps us deliver strategic and actionable competitive insights in an efficient manner, making it a win-win story every time.

Consulting services – connecting the dots from data to intelligence:

a) Integrated monitoring – A continuous consulting service that monitors the market on a rolling basis, ensuring that you are aware of your competition.

b) Conference intelligence – Comprehensive coverage of global scientific conferences, both on-site and virtual.

c) Ad-hoc projects – Analyses ranging from promotional content, clinical trial info’, hypothesis testing, MOAs, etc., delivered with speed and accuracy.

Products customized for every client:

a) EazeeView – A web-based dynamic platform that hosts all your CI needs in a secure


b) AssetView – A 3-D, framework-based tool that enables your early-stage asset planning.

c) CliniView – The in-house AI-enabled global clinical trials database.

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