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We offer the latest and most effective intravenous vitamin therapy treatments that may help alleviate some of the pain and discomfort associated with some illnesses.

Along with our primary IV vitamin infusion options, we also provide custom infusions with supplement add-ons and intramuscular (IM) booster shots.

Our Top Rated IV Drips:

Wellness Cocktail Pro+ (aka Myer’s Cocktail)

Fitness Energy Pro+

Immunity and Pro Relief+

Ageless Pro+

Hydration Pro+

Zen Pro+

Weight Loss Pro+

We pride ourselves on our premium products as well as high quality solution. We provide the current and most reliable intravenous vitamin treatment treatments that will certainly aid with immune assistance, boosting energy degrees, detoxing, weight loss, anti-aging, mind features, and also far more. We only utilize premium quality infusions so you can see and really feel outcomes right away.

Iv therapy Los Angeles

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