Top 7 Python Apps Everyone Should Know

According to the TIOBE index, Python is the number one programming language as of August 2022. In many ways, its prevalence is explained by the fact that almost any app can be written in it, from simple web platforms to complex machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions. Python allowed people to discover such excellent platforms as Instagram, Netflix, and Spotify. Let's talk about seven interesting Python apps that every user should know about. 

Vega Strike interactive game

Python is actively used in the development of interactive games. The internal scripts of the space combat simulator Vega Strike are written in Python and XML. The game is free open-source software developed for Microsoft Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and macOS operating systems.

Vega Strike places players in a limitless universe divided into factions. There, trading, combat, and exploration can be lucrative. A player begins to explore space on a used universe ship. The ship owner earns money and upgrades their transport by improving it or completely replacing it with a new one. The cooler the spacecraft, the more dangerous and profitable missions the player can take.

Heroes earn money by selling cargo or completing missions. There is a universal currency for factions. Market participants can openly trade items and technologies with each other. After completing one mission, the participant continues the game, receiving the next task.

AIND AI-powered medical app

healthcare software development company

The app collects data from electronic medical records, IoT devices, and medical examination results (MRI, PET, CT, and X-ray). This is followed by a multimodal AI-powered analysis of the collected information. Thus, doctors can predict the development of multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, and other neurological disorders.

Scientists around the world are using this analytical tool by uploading DICOM scans of brain tissue along with non-imaging data. A smart algorithm processes the information and helps to detect devastating diseases at an early stage.

Udemy educational platform

The benefits of Python can be used to implement educational projects like Udemy.

SaaS development services

The portal offers discounts on programs. According to the training results, a participant receives a certificate of completion of a course. A rating system helps students to choose a course from a list of similar ones. There is a function for viewing test videos so that users know what they pay for and don’t risk buying content they won’t like. Education on the platform is suitable for school children, narrow-profile specialists, and everyone who has a hobby. 

Disqus networked community platform

With Python, you can create commenting web services like Disqus. It is a platform from which a site owner sets up discussions and comments without a CMS. Disqus uses 750 thousand resources and blogs to increase traffic, grow audience loyalty and keep pages active. With it, users discuss articles or products, ask questions, or communicate with other site visitors.

Disqus works with different types of websites. To install it on a resource, you need to embed a code snippet or one of the plug-ins that are placed on the installation page. About 1 billion unique users work with the platform every month because Disqus supports dozens of languages.

Dropbox cloud workspace

Python is suitable for creating cloud storage of user files, such as Dropbox. The service is available on smartphones, in browsers, and as a desktop app.

The cloud allows you to store, view, and download files of different formats. You can share them with your colleagues and friends by link or invitation. With Dropbox, you can organize remote teamwork with files through shared directories. When given access, employees get the right to work with documents, view version history, and restore deleted files.

About 500,000 workgroups use Dropbox because it includes productivity and task management tools.

Pinterest social bookmarking site

Python allows you to implement large-scale aesthetically pleasing projects like Pinterest. We think that one of the most popular social networks in 2022 needs no introduction. However, we will briefly talk about the features of the platform.

The Pinterest interface is presented as digital theme boards. Users design them according to their tastes. Network members post graphic images and videos in a certain category. Visitors like “pins”, comment, and pin the content they find interesting on their board. Brands use this resource for promotion because the most popular categories are “Food”, “Media”, “Beauty and Style”, “Travel”, and “Clothes”.

EZPARK parking booking platform

Python can also be the basis for an all-in-one parking enforcement, toll collection, and maintenance solution. The EZPARK software product from a European developer is an example of such an app.

Logistics software

The platform gathers analytic data: attendance monitoring, parking occupancy, the duration of stay of each car in the parking lot, and other data. Based on statistics, a business owner can evaluate parking performance, plan to load, and monitor compliance with established rules.


As you can see from the examples above, you can implement any Python app in terms of complexity and functionality. The language contains an extensive library that solves many coding problems. Python has demonstrated that you can build amazing products with simple proven tools.

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