An Egypt jewelry story for people to know

Jewelry was a very common item among the ancient Egyptians and is one of the most well-preserved artifacts of their culture. Every member of society, including the deceased and the pharaoh, as well as the common people and even sacred animals, wore jewelry. The Egyptians had a special "patron saint of gold" in the form of the goddess Hathor. Their love for gold went beyond simple expression and into a realm of reverence and admiration.


Lapis lazuli was the most valuable stone in ancient Egypt because that culture had a strong affinity for blue. The Egyptian aesthetic also favored emeralds in addition to lapis lazuli. The artistry of ancient Egyptian gold was extremely advanced, and current methods of melting and the Egyptians had mastered casting, pounding, carving, painting, setting, and forging gold leaf. A stunning and diversified appearance is presented by finely carved gold and silver, frequently with precious or semi-precious stones or enamel colors.

The emerald deposits were first discovered in ancient Egypt, and the ancient Egyptians believed that emeralds had unique medicinal properties that could render the human body immune to all poisons. The famous Cleopatra VII was so convinced of this belief that she frequently wore a necklace made of large emeralds and applied heavy emerald eye shadow, making her arguably the most beautiful king in the annals of ancient Egypt.

A massive emerald hangs above her necklace, and the sacred beetle, which stands in for the She received an eternal life blessing from the sun god. In Egyptian mythology, the sacred beetle represented the sun deity who drove the sun to complete the cycle of day and night. In this necklace, the sun has been replaced by an emerald, demonstrating Cleopatra's devotion to and fascination with emeralds.

Despite the fact that blue is the color associated with ancient Egyptian culture, modern Egypt dislikes the color. They enjoy green as usual, emeralds have always played a significant role in Egypt's lengthy history, and Egyptians enjoy gold just as much as Indians do—if not more so—because gold not only represents wealth and power but also the light of the universe. The sun, representing the sun god, is worshipped by the Egyptians, who had a strong fixation with gold.

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