Chinese people for ancient time in jewelry history

It might be argued that the history of jewelry in our nation was the hardest to complete.


The history of jade, however, may roughly span the history of jewelry in China for thousands of years, if I were to summarize it in one words.

I recall elaborating on the reason why we Chinese favor jade in our jewelry in one of my responses.

Our jade civilization dates back tens of thousands of years, despite the fact that it does not have the pyramid construction that the two river civilizations and the Egyptian civilization did. Without a doubt, jade is a necessary component of Chinese jewelry.

People have been intentionally equating jade with since the early Red Mountain Culture jade pig dragon. totems and rituals Jade is like a container in people's minds; it can encompass the negative things and even transform them into energy that is beneficial to them, bringing them good luck and preventing disasters. This is why our Chinese traditional jade has never lost the subjective feeling of tending to good fortune and avoiding evil throughout its long history. Later, individuals sought to wear ornaments that could be of assistance to them rather than only ensuring good luck and preventing bad luck.

the significance of color symbolism.

Black, red, green, white, and yellow are considered the proper colors according to the ancient Chinese five-color system.

According to the I Ching, black is thought to represent the color of heaven.

Origin of "Heaven and Earth” from the ancients believed that the mysteriously dark northern sky had been observed for a very long time. Black was the monarch of all hues in ancient China because they thought the Heavenly Emperor resided in the North Star. Black also had the longest monochromatic worship tradition in the country's history. Black and white are used in the ancient Chinese taiji diagram to symbolize the harmony of yin and yang. Red represents Folklore's notions of luck and joy

The ancient Chinese idea of color gives white a variety of meanings.

According to the "five elements," white and gold are complementary colors, demonstrating that the ancient Chinese believed white to represent light and be a part of the appropriate hue, signifying the essence of purity, brightness, and fullness.

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