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1. Hongshan culture jewelry

A tribe that lived 5,000–6,000 years ago in the upper basin of the Daling and Xiliao rivers north of Yanshan Mountain developed the agricultural Hongshan civilisation. From the Urjimurun River Basin in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia in the north, to the west of Liaoning and the north of Hebei in the south, and to the Zhelimu League in the east, it was primarily scattered over a considerable region. The Hongshan culture among them is a product of the Liaohe River basin. In the past 5,000–6,000 years, this region was warm and It was highly ideal for humans to live and reproduce here because it was humid. Consequently, this ages-old, rich culture came into being.

Neolithic jade is what the Hongshan civilisation uses most frequently for its sacred and ritual goods. Jade pig dragons are the most prominent jade objects discovered from the Hongshan civilisation. One of the most significant finds at the Hongshan culture site is the jade pig dragon. The C-shaped pig dragon's body is coiled in the shape of a "°C," and the head is inscribed with a large poke-shaped eye. The neck is covered with a lengthy tail, and the forehead and under the jaw are embellished with inscribed markings. grid designs.

The jade pig dragon has five senses etched with shaded lines, melon-shaped eyes, many wrinkles surrounding it, a forward-extending nose, some of which display tusks, a perforation on the rear, and a heavy, flat, spherical body, as can be observed. At that time, the Hongshan culture's primitive religion had already reached an advanced stage of development. By no means a randomly created creature, the jade pig dragon is a deified spirit that was worshipped and offered as a sacrifice by the Red Mountain forefathers. As the traditional Chinese totem animal and a significant place in ancient Chinese culture, the dragon represents the rise of the Chinese people.

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