Many epochs for jewelry development


These ornaments have distinct decorative meanings and are crafted with numerous lovely patterns. Numerous bone hairpins, stone hairpins, jade hairpins, and other magnificent carvings have been discovered at the Yangshao culture site, Majiayao culture site, Dawenkou culture site, Longshan culture site, Hemudu culture site, and Songze culture site. This clearly demonstrates that these decorations were being used widely at the time by individuals. Additionally, neck decorations made of ivory, white jade, turquoise, etc., as well as earrings, penannular items, They were widespread, and many of them were also decorated with exquisite carvings. All of these demonstrate how jewelry played a significant role in society at the period and became fairly popular. The excellent manufacturing technique and strong aesthetic ability of our ancestors at this time are also completely reflected in a sizable number of the objects that have been discovered.

The production of jewelry has advanced and developed continuously throughout the course of thousands of years, along with productivity and people's awareness of aesthetics. The characteristics of jewelry have also been given a stronger symbolic significance of riches and prestige.

The Xiliao River valley was lush with vegetation and water during the early Red Mountain period, and there were numerous aquatic species, including as fish, mussels, frogs, turtles, etc. So an aquatic monster was formed as the first totem of water worship. Dragon is the last collection. Jade is extremely hard, yet it also shares too many qualities with water, including transparency, warmth, coolness, and purity. Although water is spiritual but cannot be made into an artifact and rocks are formed but do not possess the spirituality of water, only jade possesses the qualities of the two best things on earth. Being chosen to serve the gods by the priests and shamans is thus quite proper. The spirit of the soil is in harmony with the sky to delight the gods since jade's brilliance also shares qualities with sunshine. attain the ideal condition of harmony between heaven, earth, the gods, and humanity.

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