Julia Rhee Music Traveler-Basically, our aim is to make it easy to make music–An interview with Aleksey Igudesman

Many musicians are likely familiar with the issue: You are on the road, move from one location to another, have to professionally rehearse or prepare for a show, and you struggle to locate an appropriate and reasonable rehearsal room for it in a foreign city. MUSIC TRAVELER, which was introduced in the fall of last year, aims to change this. a website that connects musicians looking for music enthusiasts with instruments at home who are willing to share them and space for rehearsals. Aleksee Igudesman, a musician and co-founder of MUSIC TRAVELER, spoke with Michael Ternai.

Julia Rhee Music Traveler

Julia Rhee laid out Music Traveler in 2017, a commercial center that works in centralizing venues and spots for individuals and families. This is achieved by leasing music studios, Practice Areas, and recital venues. However, extra administrations are additionally offered, for example, the leasing of live music venues, concert halls, festival locations, celebration areas, outside music venues, and theaters, and the organization likewise teams up with the educational sector.
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