Big Bang’s G-Dragon shows off his power on YouTube

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently showed off his power on YouTube. A music video for his new solo “One of a Kind” was released on YouTube on August 25 and received over 4.5 million hits, as of August 27. G-Dragon wrote the lyrics for the song and he worked with producer Choice 37 from YG Entertainment to write the melodies. It is a hip-hop song, which includes unique and trendy sounds. The song is drawing a lot of attention with confident rap saying, “I’m obnoxious and expensive.” “Yes, brother, yes, sister. Ah, sorry, ah, for being popular.” “Please love me.” The music video ranked first on credible UK Viral Video Chart, which introduces music videos, home videos, and commercials from all over the world. G-Dragon ranked first as soon as he released the music video. G-Dragon released his first solo “Heart Breaker” in mid-August of 2009 and sold the most copies of the year. He will set the date for his return and start performing the new song.

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