T-ara’s Hwayoung: “I felt sorry for Eunjung”

Former T-ara member Hwayoung recently said that she feels sorry for Eunjung. On August 28, Hwayoung tweeted, “I felt sorry for Eunjung not being able to appear on a TV series. It’s true that we didn’t get along with each other due to our differences but I felt sad that it created rumors about her being bullied and let the situation get worse. I also felt sad that we all were hurt from the distorted truth.” She added, “But I also had happy days with the members and I want everyone to forget the past and support each other again with smiling faces. Sorry for causing troubles and making you worry even though you supported us and loved us so much.” Hwayoung previously apologized for the T-ara affairs and she received considerable attention by mentioning Eunjung this time. Source: TV Report

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