Song Joong Ki makes a cameo appearance in Gone with the Wind

The behind-the-scenes story about how Song Joong Ki was cast in the film Gone with the Wind as a cameo was recently revealed. On August 28, the distribution company NEW released some snapshots of Song in one of the scenes from the film and revealed the behind-the-scenes story about how he was cast in the film as a cameo. Song makes a surprise cameo appearance as grown-up Jung Goon at the end of the film. The scene he appears in is only a few seconds long, but it is an important scene that shows Jung Goon is the famous historical figure Jung Yak Yong. Cha Tae Hyun, the lead actor of the film, played an important part in casting Song. Cha personally asked Song to make a cameo appearance in the film after reading the script. Cha told Song, “You’ll be the only one the audience remembers at the end. The role I want you to play is that important,” and Song complied with Cha’s request. The number of audience for Gone with the Wind, released on August 8, exceeded four million as of August 26. Source: Starnews

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