How to Stay Warm and Chic in Winter!

Here are some tips to stay fashionable this winter!


Layering Your Clothes

Layer your clothes – starting with a thinner layer underneath is always a good idea. Since the first layer is all the way under your clothes, no one will see what it looks like. So just make sure it can make you feel warm and not too bulky. Ladies can even wear a dress with proper layering in winter.

Thin, tight clothes are the second must.

This layer is relatively substantial because it will be the first layer people see, so choose it wisely! People tend to look for thinner clothes like shirts or blouses to fit better and can potentially put more layers on.

A sweater or a vest is a PLUS.

The sweater is also one of the top layers that people can see. There’s another significant function of this layer, trapping heat within. For instance, a wool sweater is never a bad idea.

As for vests, they can keep your torso warm and a suitable layer underneath a thick jacket because they don’t have any sleeves while making your arms more flexible.

Find a comfy but stylish winter coat.

On top of all layers, a warm, comfy and stylish winter jacket is worth the investment. It could be very eye-catchy while you are walking down the street. So a different color is a brilliant idea for you to stand out from the crowd.

If you want more styles, opt for one with a belt around the middle. In this case, there will be more shape of your general look.

Accessories are Significant

Hats – protecting your head from coldness is essential. A beanie could be one of the suitable headgear for winter. You must ensure people can see your face even if you cover your head!

Scarves – the more colorful pattern you put on, the easier for you to get noticed. And you don’t need to worry about it won’t fit your whole wardrobe, because it doesn’t have to! Maximize its potential to match your different outfits with variations.

Gloves – they are also a great item to stay chic. Besides keeping the heat within your hands, they give you more freedom to move your fingers.

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