Mommy & Me Workout For The Modern Woman

While my kids are too old for this, I thought this was too cute not to share! All you need is a baby carrier and a baby (those tend to come together. I suppose you could just use a bag of flour but why not have some mommy baby bonding?) 1. “Good Mornings” Step 1: Begin with the feet about 3 feet apart. Gently support your baby’s head. Step 2: On the inhale, begin lowering your body to a 90 degree angle. If you are new to this exercise only lower the upper body about 45 degrees for the first few weeks, until you gain the back strength to keep it straight. On the exhale, raise your body up to the start position. Remember your baby is adding extra weight, so its very important to keep your abs tight and your back straight. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times for three sets. 2. Alternating Shoulder Press Step 1: You can use water bottles or dumbbells for the resistance on this exercise. Begin with your feet shoulder width apart. Start with your upper arm parallel to the ground with a 90 degree bend in the elbow. Step 2: Press your right arm straight up towards the ceiling, then lower it to the start position. Be sure to keep the arms horizontal, they may want to drop, but holding that position is strengthening the arm too! Step 3: Repeat with the left arm. Check out the video as well!

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