Trekking to EBC with no prior trekking experience

Everest Base Camp Trek

Due to its greater elevation of 5545m, Everest Base Camp Trekking is one of the greatest trekking routes in Nepal. It is a very difficult task that requires a high level of physical ability and previous hiking expertise to reach Everest’s summit. This trek can be completed by hikers who have the capacity to spend 6–7 hours per day walking uphill and back downhill. However, some of them are unable to finish it because of the high altitude and suffering.

The main factor that makes this walk more challenging is altitude. Above 5000 meters, the oxygen content drops significantly, making it challenging for hikers to breathe. To keep your health good while trekking, it is essential that you have sufficient acclimatization in between your journeys.

If you trek this region during the Autumn or Spring seasons, you can find this journey to be a moderate trek. Otherwise, it would be challenging to walk to EBC in the winter because of the freezing cold. The same is apparent throughout the summer when trekking is challenging owing to the constant rain.

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