Minecraft Server Hosting

Do you want to gather with your family and friends to play Minecraft or Minecraft: Java Edition? If so, you are going to require your own Minecraft server if you wish to enjoy the most enjoyable gameplay. Our Minecraft hosting is among the top. We offer a solid service that includes excellent customer support and affordable prices.

You can create your own Minecraft server by using our special Minecraft server hosting panel. You can also choose the version of Minecraft you wish to run. You have complete control over this, you can switch as you see fit.

Once you've decided the version of Minecraft you'd like to run, you can then move onto configuring and modifying the game. Modpacks can be downloaded for free and included in the price of your Minecraft server. You can pick from the most popular modpacks like SkyFactory and FTB Infinity Evolved. You'll also find that many minigames have been preconfigured and are ready to go. This includes KitPVP and McMMO Skywars.


You do have full control over what you do on your Minecraft server. We also offer a free subdomain that makes accessing your server easier. In addition to the Minecraft server apps you can also access standard server features like MySQL databases and FTP file access.

As you can see, you are given total freedom over the way that you configure your Minecraft server, and you can change the configuration at any time you want. If you need help with configuration or changes we can help you. Contact our support department.

Whether you are searching for a sturdy Minecraft server to run the classic game for a casual gaming session with your family and friends or explore the depths of the customization of Minecraft and making modpacks, our solution is perfect. This flexibility is backed by our best in class customer support and help tools. No matter how you've set up your server, our experienced support team can solve your issues quickly.

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