Best React JS Frameworks

React js framework is a popular open-source platform for designing elegant user interfaces (UI).

React JS framework was developed by Facebook in 2011 as a JavaScript library to address the need for cross-platform, dynamic, and high-performing UI.

This framework helps you to design dynamic web apps where the data on UIs is updated constantly.

A React js UI framework is a tool that offers pre-built or ready-to-use components to speed up the React js development process.

In this blog, we highlighted a few React js frameworks that every developer should know:

1.GRUI by Sencha

Firstly, Sencha offers one of the best React js frameworks for grids.

Secondly, makes React js app development with grids quick and easy by providing high-performance pre-built React js components.


Here we highlighted a few key features of GRUI by Sencha that make it one of the best React JS frameworks for grids:

Firstly, Sencha GRUI possesses outstanding fast processing.

Secondly, able to process huge amounts of data/millions of records quickly without compromising performance.

Thirdly, offers a huge range of effective features, such as filtering, infinite scrolling, grouping, and much more.

Fourthly, supports virtual columns.

Fifthly, permits complete customization control of theming, styling, and more.

Lastly, Sencha also offers Ext JS, which includes 140+ fully supported components that easily integrate on the web to design outstanding and interactive UI such as charts, calendars, D3 visualizations, trees, buttons, menus, and many more.


To help create convenient React js apps using pre-built components


A huge range of pre-built components

Includes a high-performance grid for data-intensive apps

Extensive React js documentation

2. React Bootstrap

Firstly, React Bootstrap offers JavaScript Bootstrap components as React js components for front-end development.

Secondly, replaces the bootstrap JavaScript and gives true React js components.


Firstly, every React js component is designed from scratch to develop a pure React component

Secondly, the High-performance React js library

Thirdly, with React Bootstrap, you can use thousands of Bootstrap themes that exist already.

Lastly, gives more control over the function and component.


To provide JavaScript Bootstrap components as React js components

Installation process

npm install react-bootstrap bootstrap


Highly accessible components

Easy to use

Detailed documentation


Doesn’t provide advanced grids for data-intensive apps.

3. MUI

Firstly, MUI is one of the most used React js UI component libraries.

Secondly, offers ready-to-use React js components for building elegant and faster Reactjs apps


Firstly, provide a wide range of high-performance pre-built components for React js apps

Secondly, offers templates for fast development of React js apps and documentation

Thirdly, highly accessible components

Lastly, includes advanced React js components, such as data grids, trees, and charts, to help you create data-intensive apps.


To speed up React js app development by offering ready-to-use React js components

Installation process

npm install@mui/material@emotion/react@emotion/styled


Provide Advanced theme to customize the components as per your project needs

Access to components

Detailed react js documentation


Beginners may find it difficult to use.

4. Grommet

Firstly, Grommet is an excellent React js framework that offers responsive and easy-to-use mobile-first components.

Secondly, can be used with existing React js apps.

Thirdly, able to design a high-performance app with responsive UI from scratch.


Provide ample easy-to-use components, such as layouts, colors, inputs, controls, visualizations, and media

Permits you to tailor components and develop a library that suits your needs.

You can customize the component library according to your preferences for Type, Color, and Layout


Offers responsive mobile-first components

Installation process

$ npm install grommet styled-components –save


Easy to use

Extensive documentation

Supports all modern devices


Doesn’t provide advanced data grids.

5. Elemental UI

Elemental UI is a simple UI toolkit for creating apps and React js websites.


Provides huge functional components, such as forms, buttons, and cards

Open-source (under the MIT license)

Its implementation is simple and easy


Faster React js app development.

nstallation process

npm install elemental –save


Provide quick start

Open source


Currently under development (July 2022)

Wrapping Up

In the above blog, we highlighted a few React js frameworks that every developer should know.

React js helps you to design dynamic web apps.

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