5 (Very Strange) Facts You Didn't Know About Salvador Dali

1. Salvador Dali loved exotic pets. He had a pet bat and a strange obsession with anteaters. Perhaps his most well-known companion was a pet ocelot named Babou, who he brought along with him most of the time. When one terrified woman at a restaurant discovered the ocelot and screamed, Dali insisted that the animal was mere 'op art'. It wasn't in fact a jungle cat but a house cat he painted to resemble one. (And yes, she bought it.) 2. In 1969, Dali designed the iconic daisy design for European lollipop company, Chupa Chups, at the request of close friend and company founder, Enric Bernat. The logo has barely changed since. 3. Walter White isn't the only famous person inspired by physicist Dr. Werner Heisenberg. Dali was fascinated by more obscure science theories, especially those of Heisenberg and often cited him as a major influence. In 1958, he published in a gallery catalog: "I, who previously only admired Dalí, will now start to admire that Heisenberg who resembles me". 4. Dali was expelled from his art school, Academia de San Fernando (San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts), for openly criticizing the faculty and administration for not being experienced or talented enough to instruct him. 5. While art historians credit him as being one of the most famous and important surrealist artists of all time, he was actually kicked out of the official surrealist society in 1934.

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