Lice vs Dandruff: How to Differentiate?

Are you get tired of itching your head now and then? Well, many reasons can lead to head irritation and continuous itching. Sometimes it’s very difficult to differentiate between lice infestation vs dandruff itching. Lice is a temporary infestation that can be treated well, while dandruff is a skin condition. But fortunately, both are treatable.

This article will help you differentiate between dandruff and head lice. Further, we will guide you about lice little things in hair, not lice or dandruff. Keep scrolling and learn more about how to tell if it’s lice or dandruff. Can you have dandruff and lice at the same time?

Head Lice:

A parasite named pediculus humanus capitis is commonly called a head louse. The lice live and lay eggs on the scalp and, in return, suck blood from the human body.

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