What is the role of Quality Control in Aqua Feed?

In aquaculture, the level of productivity and economic efficiency of farming systems are influenced to greater extent by the quality of feed delivered to animals. The nutrients delivered through the feed are essential for promoting and maintaining the animal health, production and reproduction.

The quality of aqua feed influences the animal performance and, consequently, the nutritional quality of fish and shrimp meat that is been supplied to the consumer market; with a direct correlation of feed to food safety, considering that the managemental and farming practices are adequate.

How quality of Aqua feed is determined?How quality of Aqua feed is determined?

The quality of aqua feed is determined by diet formulation according to nutritional requirement of the various species. The pelleting characteristic of raw materials are just as important as the nutritional content and need to be considered whilst formulating feeds. Also, the physical and chemical properties of the pellets must remain intact in water (water stability) until the specie consumes it.

What is the nutritional requirement?What is the nutritional requirement?

Aquaculture specie nutrition and feeding has been directed towards the formulation of feeds with high nutritional value, high digestibility with optimal balance of nutrients to achieve maximum productivity of different species. The nutritional quality of aquaculture feeds depends on the nature and quality of the raw materials which are used in its composition, the nutritional approach adopted in the formulation of the products, as well as the equipment and manufacturing technology.

What are the quality control measures in aqua feed manufacturing?What are the quality control measures in aqua feed manufacturing?

1. Assessing and monitoring the nutritional quality is the first most essential quality parameter in feed manufacturing.

2. A robust and stringent nutritional quality check from raw material to final product will ensure a consistent quality in nutritional parameters.

3. Proximate analysis (analysis of moisture, protein, fat, starch, fiber and ash) is the primary quality check for raw materials.

4. Advances in spectroscopy in biochemical analysis has led to the development of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) application in feed industry.

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