Minecraft PS5: PS5 Showcase Clues?

Millions of players have been in love with Minecraft over the years, and now it appears to compete against a new console.

We are getting closer to Minecraft on PS5 after the PS5 Showcase completely blew us away with the price and announcements regarding release dates.

Continue reading to learn more about what Minecraft players can expect on the PS5.

PS5 Release Date and Prices

The PS5 will be released in November 2020, however, the dates differ depending on the country you're in.

The console will be available for purchase in the US, Japan, Canada and South Korea on 12 November. It will also be available in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Canada on 19 November.

Below are the prices!

WOWZAS It appears that people's predictions were right on the mark!

What does this mean for Minecraft PS5? We don't have a lot of footage or footage to work with which is why we aren't able to discuss it.

We'd like to hear more. We are getting closer to being able to get their hands on the next-gen console and we are seeing more footage than ever before.

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We might see something in the next months, but we'll need to keep our ears open for clues!

Minecraft PS5 Edition?

A new version of the game was released, labeled as an PS4 version. This allowed crossplay and integration into the Bedrock Edition. Will we get the same feature for PS5?


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