3 Ways To Lower Heart Disease Risk After 40


The heart is the powerhouse of our body as it pumps blood to all the body parts and keeps them running. The heart rate is controlled by an electrical system in the organ that also coordinates the contraction of the heart's top and bottom chambers.

Just like any other body part, the heart also starts to age over time. This aging results in changes to the blood vessels as well. A common change that can be easily felt by individuals is the slowing down of the heart rate when exerting themselves in situations like physical exercise or stress. However, this is no reason to worry as there is no drastic change in the heart rate. What one needs to pay attention to is the build-up of fatty deposits in the walls of the arteries which may cause some serious damage to your heart health.

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However, for those above the age of 40 years, we have some tips to reduce the risk of a heart attack. As told by the specialist from cardiac hospital in India, these should be incorporated into the daily routine as not only do they ensure a strong heart but are great for the overall health.

Control high blood pressure:

Heart-healthy diet:

Reduce stress and anger:

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