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I just recently got divorced from a bipolar delusional psychopath that I've been fighting to get away from for 4 years and was only married for not even a month! oh and did I mention I got divorced the day after my birthday and won! even with all the pain from still trying to heal from the abuse I still went to court and faced that evil boy. then things with my health started to go south because I was free! free from it all to where my body started to heal... running 6 miles everyday, stop smoking, worked on my mental Health to where I didn't need medication anymore, two caffeinated drinks a day, Always On My Feet doing things with my children and yoga at night. To now its a daily struggle to get the chores done after taking care of my babies all day and making messes because of the pain. I'm 29 years young with four children n a big puppy. I should not be dealing with this crap! 29 years young with for children and I currently weigh 97lbs. TWO of my children weigh more than me. it's not because I dont eat and its not because I mentally ill so what's wrong with me?

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