How to tag a card

What is tagging? Tagging is a way to share your card to Vingle parties. Your card will show up in all the Parties which are tagged. Step 1: Find out in which relevant Parties your card should be tagged. The following is a screenshot of how to properly tag: (photo courtesy of v3sia, a photo of Beautiful You Korean drama with Sulli and Minho in it is to be shared. The parties to be tagged are K-dramas , Korean Stars, Beautiful You (Kdrama), Sulli f(x), and Minho (SHINee) Step 2: In the box next to “What's it about,” type the Party name where you will want to share your card. As you start typing, the Parties will appear in a list. Click on the proper Party name to select it. Repeat until all relevant Parties are tagged. Step 3: Write a description and a title for the card if you desire (although we highly recommend at least a title). Select your language. Click “Add” and done! If you have more questions, feel free to leave a comment here. For more info about card creation go to

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