How is Rising Popularity of Ride Sharing Services Contributing to Expansion of German Automotive Digital Services Market?

automotive digital services

Mobility-on-demand services are further divided into car sharing and ride hailing and sharing services. Of these, the ride hailing and sharing services recorded higher adoption in 2017 in Germany. This is mainly attributed to the higher preference of customers for these services, on account of the rising penetration of ride sharing and hailing companies in major urban areas and their higher convenience as compared to the car sharing services, especially for daily commuters in the country.

The other major factors fuelling the growing demand for automotive digital services in Germany are the increasing vehicular security and safety concerns and the burgeoning need for telematics-enabled trucks in the country. Since the last few years, many automobile manufacturers have been incorporating advanced safety features in their vehicles, in order to make them alluring to the customers. The government of the nation is enacting stringent measures related to vehicular safety, such as the mandating the integration of ADAS systems in passenger vehicles, which are further pushing the need for automotive digital services.

The escalating need for in-vehicle connectivity features is another important factor contributing to the growing demand for automotive digital services in Germany. The sales of automobiles equipped with various in-vehicle connectivity features has increased massively in the country, over the last few years, and this trend is expected to continue in the near future, owing to the rapid development of vehicles fitted with advanced vehicle and passenger safety features and ADAS systems. As a result, the German automotive digital services market is expected to register huge growth in the years to come.

Thus, it can be concluded that due to the rising need for advanced safety and driver assistance features in vehicles and increasing popularity of mobility-on-demand services, the requirement for automotive digital services will surge in Germany in future.

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