Types of Expository Essays One Must Know

Are you tired of reading articles and completing assignments for each course? Certainly, writing assignments including long detailed essays on various topics can be time-consuming as well as challenging for students. It gets more challenging when the professor expects the student to adhere to given standards and produce a quality essay or write papers for them. Most often students are asked to describe various concepts or topics in essay form. Such an essay is also called an expository essay.

What makes an expository essay difficult?

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 Why expository essay is used

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Types of the expository essay

The expository essay can be segregated into various types depending on the type and nature of the information which they are giving. These essays are generally written as investigative reports. Just like case studies expound on a certain concept or phenomena or any given situation, an expository essay also does the same. It is because these case studies are also a part of expository essays. The example of an investigative report also relates to this form of essay. While writing investigative reports, agents usually describe the whole situation in a report. Likewise, an expository writer has to describe all details relating to any topic in a brief but meaningful manner. This helps the readers grasp every detail about the topic or argument which is discussed in the essay. In short, these essays can be segregated into six main types explained as follows;

Process essay

One of the popular types of expository essays is a process essay. In this type, you have to explain the process of something. This could be as simple as explaining the process of baking a cheesecake or explaining a complex chemical reaction.

For instance, in the case of baking a cake, these can be the steps

Set the temperature at 180 to preheat the oven

Mix the ingredients as per the description on the packet

Add two eggs to the mixture

Add chocolate and butter to the mixture

Add butter to the mixture

Pure all ingredients in the pan and bake for 15 minutes

One thing which the writer needs to be careful while writing this form of essay is maintaining the chronological order, which a process requires.

Problem solution essay

While writing the problem solution essay, you have to identify a given problem and how it is affecting the subject that also is discussed. In this essay, the writer analyzes the issue using various facets to the problem. Then later on the writer provides a solution to the given problem. This is usually accompanied by justification as to why a given solution is preferred over various alternatives.

Definition essay

The definition essay is also known as a descriptive essay. It explains a certain theme in exact meanings in a prolonged manner. However, some of the concepts can have real i.e concrete meaning such as computer, glass, etc. while others have abstract meanings such as love, honor, respect, etc. this essay can also elucidate purpose such as how, when, why, where, and what of any given topic.

Cause effect essay

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Chain structure; A cause is followed by its effects

Block structure; causes are enlisted and afterwards, solutions are presented 

The essay can have facts or assumptions, which are required to be validated.

Classification essay

Classification essay simply asserts a broad topic in smaller categories allowing readers to get a detailed explanation of a topic. Essay example will include "type of flowers"

Compare and contrast essay

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Summing up, while writing an expository essay a student has to collect evidence as well as supporting material relating to an idea, explain it to the readers, and further proceed with the idea by presenting a valid argument in a very clear and brief way. The expository essay can be designed in a number of ways such as cause and effect analysis, definition, compare and contrast, example, etc. the main theme behind writing these essays is to describe or explain any topic or phenomena.

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