How to Grow Your ECommerce Business Fast - Part 8

How to Grow Your ECommerce Business

Focus on Your Loyal Customers

returning existing customersyield a higher ROI

However, retaining customers is not easy as there are too many competitors. Customers are overwhelmed by too many choices.

But don’t worry. Here are some proven ways to retain your customers:

Tip 1: Consistently Delight Your Customers

If you want a sale, you must fulfill your shoppers’ needs.

give them what they’re looking for

instant support

listen to their problems

personalized campaigns


free gifts or discounts

- Reviewrespond

Tip 2: Offer Fast Delivery

people praise the seller for the fast delivery. 

customers want to be able to get their products on the same-day or next-day orders

a stage you’re working towards

Tip 3: Reward Your Loyal Customers

Reward them so that they stick around.

You can send them additional discounts, bonus gifts, birthday specials, or other creative gifts based on your marketing plan.


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To be Continued...

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