'Nice Guy' LIVE RECAP -EP1

Hello This is So Yoon ~Nice to meet you This is a first episode of 'Nice guy' Then see you guys on Wendesday :) Actually there was a happening in this drama. The title of "차칸남자" is not correct expression. It is written just the way it sounds. So the Korean Language Society protests about it. But the production crew says "We use the key word in the process of this drama as a title. So please understand us, and our creativity" Anyway KBS decides to leave the title as it is. :) Finally, Today!!!!!!! It is first episode. I'm really expected about it. I can't wait anymore to see this drama >< Characters Song joong ji as Gang ma ru Moon chae won as Seo eun gi Park shi yeon as Han jae hee Lee gwang soo as Park jae gil Let's start everyone~>< First episode :) A guy is running and watching Television A TV reporter says about plutocratic despotism. A doctor check his patients. Behind him, the man Gang Ma ru is studying about the illness. He says " Professor why you don't ask a question for us?" MR is student to be a doctor. But the main doctor says just scolding him because you guys don't know well about the illness. And a guy is crying. The main doctor says " hey PK, come on.and find the illness that this child has," The child says" Our brother doesn't have money so I have to go now" MR beats his head but the child isreally heavy headache. So he knows his illness. MR says the illness to the main doctor and the reasons. Doctor says it is not that illness. MR achowledged about his mistake. After leaving the hospital, the child had a serious illness. At night, the child comes to hospital again. the name of the disease comes out and MR is right. " i think our hospital will have a genius doctor a few years after" say to MR. At home MR "hey choco ~ my sister where are you?" His sister CHOCO collapsed into home. MR" Are you okay? let's go to the hospital now." CC" i'm okay now.. " The phone is ringing JH" Helps me.. come on ...please... help me as soon as possible.. I'm afraid... " CC" Don't go.. " MR" i have to go... After meeting GH, i will come right away. just count 500 and then I will come back" CC"if you go to JH i will kill by myself" but he is gone...ㅜnㅜ !!!!!! He hesitate to open the door. At the room a man falled and JH just besides him.. MR " Is he dead?" JH" i don't know.." MR check his condition .. maybe he is dead... JH" I didn't kill him.. why... why..he is dead.. I didn't kill him.!!." MR" did you hit this to him?... give yourself up to justice..." JH" Then I will be finished... my report life is also dead..I can't... If I do that.. I will go back to waste,,,For 15 years.. I patient all of moment...to be reporter.." MR" For 15 years you also my savor.. for you i am not a reason to live??" JH says about her difficult days and blames god and decides to give up herself to jutice. MR prevents her from doing that. and kisses He erases all the evidence that she makes MR" i killed him.. go straight you never look back... I don't care being doctor... but you have a dream if you lose it,, maybe you will be dead ..so go .now" EG says to someone to go together. The man" It is honor to get a car that drives you" EG" A-GA SI??(agasi means in korean dramas that it names to someone who is daughter of CEO or boss) You maybe talk behind me " she interrogates his corruption driving the car very fast She blackmails the man about his corruption and then makes him leave our company. JH" Do you know what I did to prevent you? Do you know what I did to someone who I love as much as my life?" JH" i will recompanse betting my life.." He calls to CC "Are you okay now? I'm sorry.. I can't go back home.. I'm sorry I broke the promise.. I called Jae gill so he will protect you and care.." He cries looking the outside He was sentenced for 5 years about his crime. He says "break up" changing his face.. He acts very rude to her. He knows she is a gold digger but he says that he doesn't care The girl says " you are different the man that I met before. I loved you honestly...maybe you don't believe.." MR" i believe" The girl says" I'm sorry.. EG 'What time is it now?" The man" for you, I didn't wake up you deliberately..because your health condition is really not good right now" EG irritates about his acting. and she says about the cumtomer who complains about her company's item. cusmatics. EG meets the customer and gives money and apologies her acting. EG presents a KIMCHI for her. The customer eats the food that it is made of cusmatics. EG denounces her acting that her compative company makes a plot. The customer actually is a fixer of other company. GH worries about her daughter.. she is not a biological mother. EG"Don't be acting.. because there is no audience" GH"She is your younger brother!" EG "You landed the position of my father's love and then now you kicked off the original wife ...and so I don't like him because he is your son" MR and his friend jae gil talk about the gold digger. His friend JG cries about gold digger but MR pays the money back from that gold digger.( the scene that MR and the girl in hotel) JG wrote on the paper that MR is a metamorphosis / begger/ ...but he wrote that he is a rich handsome man..... MR meets EG in the plane. she falls down to him. Anouncement Is there any doctors here? There is a emergency patient in this plane. Would you please come to business class and let us know JG"You was a doctor! If you did that like this, your sister CC is also dead. She falled down on the street many times.The people who around her just ignore like you, maybe CC will be dead!! " MR "Where is protector of her?" GH and MR face each other. mr"What is the relation between you and her" GH" She is my daughter... I'm not a biological mother but she is my husband's daughter" The blood pressure falls down.. the emergency condition.. MR" Did her have an accident before? " GH"What? what happens? don't do that! You are not a doctor" Preview EG" i heard that you and the dork doctor have some relation..right?" GH" You behave badly be careful" MR" How much I did to save you?" The police man "GH accused you of a charge of blackmailing" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First episode is finished... MR changes thoroughly... after that accident. But even that images are also attractive for me ><!!!!! If you wonder anything about this drama :) please comment, I will explain to the best of my knowledge.

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