made yet another woman cry

just wanna share this beautiful mv... with our gaksital!! miss him... The new talented group 2BiC, who became popular for being produced by the composer Cho Young-Soo, is finally being unveiled. Named by Cho Young-Soo himself, 2BiC stands for "2Bi Continue", expressing their determination to continue doing music together and consists of two members -- Jihwan and Junhyung -- who possess similar musical traits and outstanding talents. "Made yet another woman cry" emphasizes strong vocal points, bringing out what seems to be a voice battle between two main vocals with different tones instead of the traditional structure of main and sub vocals. The music video features the famous actor Joo Won, currently appearing as the new member for "One night two days", and Lee Min-Ho who has risen to stardom with his acting of the young Yang Myung in "The Sun and the Moon". Joo Won and Kang Byul act out the heartbreaking love story of the 1980s whereas Lee Min-Ho and Hwang Eun-Mi act out the sad love story of 2012, portraying heart-wrenching love stories of both eras.

I love korean dramas and movies!! ^^ and i super love my baby joowon.. saranghae aegiya... lol
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