Fish Upriver for These Reasons in the Fall

We all have our favorite lakes and reservoirs, and we know the real big ones are lurking in the depths. We get so caught up in wanting to catch those big ones, that we often forget about the other waters available to us. Pro tip: go up river, especially in the late summer and fall! Why? Well, Morgan gives us 3 good reasons: 1) Bluegill spawn fill the upper end of most reservoirs. Morgan said. “A lot of people think the bluegill spawn is only an early summer type of thing, but those suckers will spawn on every full moon until the end of the summer. So if you can get out there within a few days of that full moon, you’re bound to have a memorable day on the water.” 2) Top ends of reservoirs are usually less developed and there is more cover still in the water. Bass love hiding in these habitats, and they want that extra cover when the days are still kind of warm. 3) The water is fresher because there's a constantly supply, it hasn't sat as long. The fish will stay in the shallows longer because the water is running and not getting as hot as it does at the lower end of reservoirs. There ya have it! So, get off the bottom and head up to the top of those reservoirs for some good fall fishing.

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