Fishing Topwater Lures in the Fall

I recently had someone tell me the silliest thing. He thought the season for topwater blowups had passed, and he should wait till next year before trying to use his topwater lures again. No, no no no! That was my answer: there's still time! For those who don't know how to fish topwater lures in the fall, Michael Meyer gives a really great guide in this article form wired2fish. The key is learning what conditions will still spike topwater strikes: ** Rain and wind will push shad into the shallows, which means you can use topwater lures successfully. ** The length of days is getting shorter so the shallow won't be as hot and you can expect strikes on the shallows at some point during your day. ** Long skinny walking topwater lures will do good to cover large areas and call out big strikes ** Poppers and prop baits will do well when targeting a specific area you know shad and bass are located in because they stay in a specific strike zone better since they're smaller. ** If you're getting stuck with small bass, speed up your cadence! You'll outrun the smaller bass and start getting the bigger ones.

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