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Security Services in Bangalore.

Facility Management and Maintenance service-providing company.

Our trained and experienced guards will keep your property safe. Our security personnel is trained to meet all of the unique needs of the area/premises. Our presence is also in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana & Maharastra.

Handiman offers security management of multiple segments associated with medium to large, and private to public premises. Our integrated facility management services offer reliable and robust security services. We have a well-established network, and the services, we provide for your safety are the best in their class.

Any property is vulnerable to theft and vandalism. Criminals are more likely to target a company with more resources. Finding the best security guard services for your property can be difficult. Security guards are in high demand as security becomes a more important concern for businesses and property. Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, the cost of hiring a security guard is an important consideration.

facility maintenance, and the management company

Our security guards also provide security services for events, transportation of people or assets, and monitoring criminal activities. Believe us, Handiman helps you secure you and your premises from any hindrance.

Rate To Hire Security Guard Services

The salary of a security guard can vary depending on a variety of factors such as experience, location, and the type of business. However, we are a 100% compliant company, which means that we adhere to the government's minimum wage requirement for any unfair business against labor.

We also provide various types of security guards for your protection.

Unarmed Security Personnel

It is the most common type of security guard that we provide in a variety of settings such as shopping malls, movie theatres, residential apartments, ATMs, and commercial establishments such as zoos and museums. Our unarmed security guards are in charge of patrolling your property and monitoring CCTV footage.

Mobile Guards

Security guards who move around your property facility to ensure safety are known as mobile guards. Mobile security guards can be found in airports and shopping malls. They investigate security flaws as well as potential criminal activity. We frequently use spot preparators.

Armed Guards

Our armed guards are licensed to carry firearms. It comes with increased responsibilities, so our security guards receive extensive training in the weapon.

Construction site guards

We also send security guards to the construction site to ensure that no trespassing occurs. A construction site is full of raw materials that must have been stolen. As a result, our construction site guards are proactive and conduct frequent patrols to ensure that nothing undesirable occurs on the site.

Corporate & Residential Security

Offices, corporate organizations, employees, or residential societies and buildings require security guards to prevent trespassing, property loss or damage, and other potentially criminal activities. A security guard is responsible for checking employees' ID cards, keeping a visitor log, inspecting cars upon entry, and other duties in the office and residential societies.

Retail Guards

Guards at various retail and grocery stores, malls, and market complexes are in charge of preventing theft. Retail guards must inspect the bill and packages of departing customers. Retail guards must frisk incoming customers and ask them to surrender their bags and belongings (where applicable) in exchange for a security token. Our security guards are fully trained to carry out all of these duties.


Bodyguards are in charge of protecting celebrities, politicians, prominent figures, and public figures. Our security guard's primary responsibility is to manage a crowd politely while also providing physical protection to the individual.

We guarantee that our security staff is dedicated, integrated, and adheres to moral values. Our comprehensive services ensure that our clients feel more secure about their Assets, Facilities, Life, Employees, loved ones, and other things. Handiman knows what is best for your security and safety, and our processes can attest that our service reliability remains among the best in the industry. By this, we mean that we have a stringent safety range to scan our methods to confirm what is best for your facility or premises.

Our security team is a group of intelligent professionals who can meet all of your security and safety requirements while also accepting any challenges that come their way.

Is it necessary to have security guard services on your property, but is it also effective?

Here are some important skills that our security guards possess that will help to improve the security of your property. It will show you how effective and efficient Handiman security staff is.

An additional and active guard

Throughout their shift, our security guards are active and energetic. A guard must be aware of all entries, exits, registers, and other activities on the premises. You can rest assured that our guards are constantly trained to be vigilant and alert.

Reliable and consistent security guard

Guards become a part of your routine once hired. Whether at home or at work. Guards have access to areas you aren't even aware exist. Handiman provides security personnel who are honest in their work and provide uncompromised security services.

Professional the security personnel

Professionalism refers to someone who is well-versed in their roles and responsibilities. We provide security guards who can perform their duties neatly without being reminded. Employees are well-kept and professional.

The security guard's the quick mental presence

We automatically assume that if security guards are present, we will be safe in any need or emergency situation. Handiman provides security guards who are physically and mentally present while performing their duties and are prepared to deal with any emergency.

Maintain the security guard's posture

Guards should take this stance People in and around him should be aware of his presence without having to be told. Our uniformed security guards have the posture and physical fitness to make their presence felt.

Surveillance set up

Installing surveillance cameras and devices in the business setup can assist business owners in keeping an eye not only on robbery but also on day-to-day events in the establishment. It will cause people to be cautious both internally and externally. Handiman provides experienced personnel who are trained in managing and responding to these security systems in a timely manner.

Here are some answers to questions that will help you understand how Handiman can assist you and your business by providing high-quality security services.

To lower the risk

Internally and externally, the risk is unavoidable. Theft of business assets, burglary, vandalism, and other types of risk exist. Our presence on your premises helps to reduce all of these unnecessary disruptions that result in business losses.

To protect your assets, you should

Your investments are your assets. They are your sole breadwinners. The failure to secure them proves to be the most critical mistake made by the business owner.

To enjoy peace of mind

Last but not least, peace is the most valuable human need. It cannot bring, but thanks to security services, who will look after what is more important to you.

Why Hire Handiman for Securing Your Property?

ISO-9001:2015 Certified Company

More than two decades of experience

Well trained security guards

Regular supervision of the security guards by managers

High quality tools and technology in use

100s of happy customers

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