Psy Has Yet To Receive the Earnings Reported by the Media

Despite what everyone believes, Psy revealed that he has yet to see the money that the media is saying he’s getting. On September 9, Psy appeared on MBC’s Section TV Entertainment Relay as he filmed a commercial. During the shooting, he was asked about the income coming in after his Gangnam Style success. “I heard that the media is saying I’m earning billions of dollars,” said Psy in a bit of a sad tone, “But in reality, I haven’t received anything. Nothing. It’s only the articles that say I’m getting billions and billions and billions.” Psy also shared his worry that upon debuting in the USA, people will believe all Koreans look like him. After hearing about Psy’s earnings, netizens commented, “I’m still jealous. He just needs to wait for it to come to his account,” “Don’t be too sad. It’ll come in time,” and “I feel like he would get more.”

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