Lee Min Ho’s ‘Faith’ Sued for Allegedly Signing Two Contracts Over Show′s OST

SBS’ Faith is being mired in controversy over its drama OST. On September 6, M Star Media Group announced through a press release its intent to sue the show on grounds it had signed off on two production contracts with another group on the show’s OST. According to M Star Media Group, “We believed director Kim Jong Hak’s words and signed a multi-million-won contract with Kim Jong Hak And Company but we are unable to use the produced OST for the drama. The show’s production has revealed the OST’s production rights are already held by another company and [the show] is using their songs.” The same group added another allegation involving Lee Min Ho saying, “We had already brought in famous composers and singers and invested millions [into the OST] but director Kim Jong Hak is absurdly telling us to share the rights with Lee Min Ho’s company, Starhaus. Director Kim Jong Hak promised us he would return a portion of the contract money and would reveal our OST tracks but he has failed to keep his promise and we are preparing legal action.” If the allegations are true, Faith’s production has illegally signed off on two contracts with two companies over the show’s OST production rights and one involving leading actor Lee Min Ho’s agency. A source for Kim Jong Hak and Company remained mum on the issue but added it was looking for a middle ground with M Star Media Group.

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