Factors to Consider While Picking Plastic Tarp

Tarps are handy items that are equally useful for retail and commercial purposes. It is useful for various things. For example, you can cover your two-wheelers, cars, and trucks to prevent rust and protect them from rain and moisture. In addition, you can use tarps to cover outdoor furniture and perishable items such as wood. These days, massive construction projects use 'containment tarps' to protect surrounding buildings from demolition's effects. The uses of tarps are unlimited; hence, they are an absolute necessity for most households.

heavy duty tarp



When you visit a store to buy a tarp, clearly state your purpose of purchase. You can customize almost all tarps to suit individual specifications of size and, in some cases, even quality.


Different kinds of fabrics are used for making tarps for various uses.

o Poly tarps:

ing. Heavy duty tarp

o Vinyl:

Tarps made of vinyl are used for heavy-duty purposes and industrial usage. These are also resistant to liquids such as oil and grease.

o Mesh:

Mesh tarps are made of high-quality vinyl, polyester, or polyethylene. They are perfect for sunshade canopies, windscreens, patio shade, and outdoor pool covers.

o Neoprene Coated Covers:

These are primarily made of nylon and can withstand the effects of corrosive fluids and chemicals.

The thickness of the material:


A thickness of over five mils is generally suitable for household usage. If, however, you are using a tarp for covering goods while transporting them, you should buy a heavy duty tarp with a thickness of at least 23 mils.

Ease of Use:


It is also a good idea to buy a tarp with reinforced edges. It shall prevent the tarp from tearing at the application of moderate pressure.


While color may seem like a pretty insignificant parameter, it is essential to note the various cooling properties of different colors. Black and silver covers offer better cooling as compared to other colors. Hence, it is prudent to choose these colors for shades. Clear tarps are ideal for greenhouses.


heavy duty tarps

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