Discover the Many Powers of Blue Sapphire

If you’re looking for an authentic source of information about powerful astrological gems, then this is the perfect place to learn what makes Blue Sapphire one of the most sought-after gems in the world. This gemstone has been used throughout history to repel negative energy and bring calmness in times of stress and worry. It’s also effective as a bridge between two people who want to connect with each other emotionally and physically on deeper levels than ever before.

Healing properties

Blue sapphire can be used as a powerful healing stone. It is thought to work at all levels and heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments. It brings emotional balance and peace in relationships. It is also believed to help with fertility issues, especially for women. Women who are trying to conceive are advised to wear it around their neck or waist for maximum effect. The blue sapphire is believed to protect against health problems such as epilepsy, fever, headaches and heart disease. If you feel disorientated, the blue sapphire will help your mind get back on track. It has been used by sailors over centuries due to its ability to provide protection from stormy seas. For people who suffer from nightmares or bouts of insomnia that last more than a few nights, the blue sapphire can assist them in getting more sleep during the night time hours they spend awake.

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