Biodegradable Vs Compostable Dog Poop Bags: Which Is Better For Your Dogs?

We cherish our dogs! However, we don't always enjoy their waste, so we've developed scoopers and bags to assist us in controlling this unpleasant trait of our favorite furry pets. But what happens after that?

compostable dog poop bags

Do the two differ from one another? And which one is more environmentally friendly? We'll look into the comparisons to learn which is best.

Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

Some dog owners might believe that a biodegradable dog poop bag will fully vanish once it is disposed of in a landfill. After all, the definition of "biodegradable" is "able to decompose spontaneously in the environment." So everything ought to be well, right? Sadly, it's not quite that easy.

Polylactic acid (PLA), a polymer generated from renewable resources such as cornstarch, sugarcane, and tapioca, is used to make biodegradable bags. However, oxygen-rich environments are the only ones where the biodegradation process may take place. However, still disposable plastic bags can be replaced with biodegradable dog poop bags as a wonderful option. Since they are made from plants and can be recycled, they have a lower environmental impact than plastic poop bags.

Compostable Dog Poop Bags

Anything that can completely decompose in compost and become organic waste is said to be compostable. All compostable dog poop bags are biodegradable. However, not all biodegradable bags are compostable.

Bamboo, flax, and other natural plant-based products like corn are used to make compostable dog poop bags. They can be composted at home or at a commercial compost facility, but it's crucial to remember that the conditions for home compostability and commercial compostability differ. Commercially compostable bags cannot be composted at home; however, home-compostable dog poop bags can be composted in an industrial facility.

What Sort Of Trash Bag Is Best To Use?

What's the best course of action for pet owners who want to lessen their carbon footprint? Even though biodegradable bags might seem to be the best option, only some have access to industrial, communal, or residential compost. Compostable dog poop bags, like biodegradable dog poop bags, cannot decompose in landfills. The ideal choice for you, therefore, depends on your unique circumstances, especially where you live.

Why Use Compostable Dog Poop Bags?

Compostable dog poop bags are a better choice for the environment. They often include no plastics and are constructed of plant starch, which causes them to disintegrate much more swiftly. The major reasons for using compostable dog poop bags are:





Get Compostable Dog Poop Bags At NaturTrust!

If our bags do get through, we are happy to know that will compost them. Our plastic-free eco-friendly, biodegradable, and compostable dog poop bags are created from a unique blend of starches, cellulose, and veggies. If they are separated out and end up in the landfill instead, they will still degrade much more quickly than the other bags in a pile (think 100+ vs. 500+ years) and won't produce dangerous microplastics.

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Do have a pet at your home and still use the regular plastic to remove the waste? Unfortunately, it is precisely what more than half of the population does, and this causes a lot of damage to the earth because we tend to dump plastic anywhere we want to. However, this is one of the primary reasons there is a much higher usage of plastic bags, which must be curbed at the earliest. To ensure that we do not harm nature anymore and yet bring forth something equally useful, NaturTrust has tried to bring forth compostable dog poop bags just for you!
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